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  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
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SMAC 07/09/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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What do the ratings actually tell me?

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SMAC 2. 0 MAC Address Changer - Site License. One Site License entitles you to use SMAC 2. 0 Professional Edition on unlimited systems located at one single location.

The SMAC Site License also entitles you to receive 1 Year FREE Maintenance Upgrade Support. Features: 1 year commercial maintenance and upgrade support.

Modify MAC address in seconds on your Windows VISTA, XP, 2003 and 2000 systems. User-Friendly Windows user interface (GUI. ) Intuitive and simple-to-use GUI layout.

(Check out the SMAC screenshot. ) Display network information of your available network adapters in one screen. Capable of displaying ONLY the active network adapters.

Built-in logging capability for you to track MAC address modification activities. Protect your privacy. Benefits and Applications of SMAC: Test Security Vulnerability on MAC Address based Authentication and Authorization Systems, i.

e. Wireless Access Points. Build TRUE Stand-by (offline) systems with the EXACT same CompterName, IP, and MAC ADDRESSES as the Primary Systems.

If Stand-by systems should be put online, NO arp table refresh is necessary, which eliminates extra downtime. Build High-Availability solutions Troubleshoot Network problems.

Arp Tables, Routering, Switching,. Troubleshoot system problems Test network management tools Test incident response procedures on simulated network problems Test Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), whether they are Host and Network Based IDS.

Some software can ONLY be installed and run on the systems with pre-defined MAC address in the license file. If you need to install one of these software to another system with a different Network Interface Card (NIC) because your NIC is broken, SMAC will come handy.

However, you are responsible to comply with the software vendor's licensing agreement. If for whatever reason you need to keep the same MAC address as your old NIC, but your old NIC failed.

Over 500,000 downloads by users from major corporations and from around the world.

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